Frequently Asked Questions

How many children can play on the bus at one time?
There isn’t a minimum amount of children, we have a set price for the hire of the bus not per head, we put a maximum of 20 children for health and safety reasons
Can adults use the Playbus?
The bus is designed for the children to play on without the aid of adults, however if you wish to join in you may but we request that no more than 3 adults enter the play area at one time. There are TV’s and CCTV equipment so parents can watch their children enjoying play from outside the bus.
How do I book Chase Playbus for a party?
Email, txt or phone us with your name, address, email address, date and time you would like for your party and we will send you an invoice with payment details and terms. Bookings are confirmed only once deposit has been received.
How do I pay for the Playbus?
We can accept bank transfers and cash payments. Bank details are on the invoice that will be sent to your email address upon booking. Cash payments can be made by contacting us directly to arrange.
Who are Chase Playbus?
We are a locally run business providing safe, secure and exciting fun for children around the Cannock Chase area. Our aim is to give your child a party to remember without the mess in your own home!
Are Chase Playbus staff vetted?
Yes! All of our staff hold a current CRB/DBS check. We also ensure all staff have first aid training. We also have health and safety certificates and National Play Bus Association Membership. All documents are clearly displayed on the Playbus and available upon request.
Do you cover my area?
We are based in Rugeley, Staffordshire (WS15 2HP) and cover an 10 mile radius free of additional charges. A mileage surcharge of £1.50 per mile will be added if the Playbus travels outside of this radius.
How much does it cost?
A 2 hour party for up to 20 children costs £180 within a 10 mile radius of Rugeley. Full day events can also be booked contact us directly for details.
Are there age limits?
yes we can cater for children from the ages of toddlers-12. (under 2's must be accompanied by an adult) 
How do I book Chase Playbus for a specific date and what do I need to do?
Very simple; either call or email us with a date you wish and we will check availability. All you need to do is pay a £50 deposit at time of booking.
What insurances does Chase Playbus hold?
We hold all appropriate insurances for the nature of the business including full public liability insurance which has been approved by the National Play Bus Association. If requested, we can provide documentation on arrival of the bus to anyone who asks.
How often is the bus cleaned?
Chase Playbus is thoroughly antibacterial cleaned after every outing.
What is Chase Playbus used for?
Chase Playbus is here to provide excellent entertainment to children ages from toddlers up to 12 years old. We are available for a number of occasions including birthday parties, school events, nurseries, charity fundraisers, weddings,  and council events.
Can Chase Playbus attend my stag or hen party?
Sorry, the Chase Playbus is for children only!
Can we hire Chase Playbus to travel somewhere?
Unfortunately, due to insurance reasons the bus cannot take passengers.
Where will the bus be?
You tell us where you want us and we’ll be there, providing it’s possible! We can pull up on your drive, outside your house, pub car parks and community centres – all we ask is for you to provide 5 car parking spaces for us to park the bus.
Does the bus need electricity for a party?
Some of the equipment on the bus does need power (piano mat and destination board) however it is not essential as 90% of the equipment does not require power. We do need access to one socket to provide power for our LED lights and CCTV and piano mat. We carry extension leads on board the bus at all times. However if you are organising your party to be in a remote location where it is not possible to get a power source(such as a country park) then we can bring along a generator, at a charge of £10. We will need to be made aware of this in advance.
Are there toilet facilities on board?
Unfortunately there are no toilets on board. Supervising adults must assist children on and off the bus to the toilet.
What can the children wear?
Children must wear socks at all times and is advised that long sleeve tops are to be worn to protect from friction burns from the log slide. We reserve the right to ask any child to remove any jewellery or objects that may by unsafe for anyone else in the party or could cause damage to the play equipment.
Do we have to stay with the children throughout the party?
Yes. Two adults will have to remain with the bus for the duration of the party to supervise the children and help them on and off the bus. Two Chase Playbus staff will also be provided to help and ensure the children are using the play equipment in a safe and non-destructive manner.